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The next COMMUNITY LIFE GROUPS begin September 2023. Registration is open now. (during this covid-19 pandemic, all groups will be meeting by zoom only.)

In September 2019, Citadel launched our Fortified DNA “COMMUNITY LIFE GROUPS.” (CLG)  For 8-10 weeks you will gather with a small group of 5-12 people (18 and over) for fellowship, bible lessons, sermon discussion, and prayer. Most importantly, our Community Life Groups are designed with convenience in mind.

The Groups will start by meeting weekly via Zoom video conferencing and then will advance to potentially meeting at coffee shops, restaurants, or homes. No more commuting or parking; our groups will make getting connected and growing at Citadel easier than ever!

The vision and mission of our “CLGs” is to create a “JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE” where everyone is connected in family, growing in their faith, and supported towards their future.

Here are a few reasons why you should join a Community Life Group (CLG):

1.  Go deeper in your faith and the Word of God. Have you ever left a worship service feeling like you just drank from a fire hose because of the richness of the message? Participating in a Group can help you organize your thoughts and help you put deep roots into the Word of God through thoughtful discussion.

2.  Connect with others. With 3 services every Sunday at Citadel, it can be easy to feel like you’ve fallen through the cracks relationally!  Joining a Group is an awesome way to form a community within our church and connect on a deeper level.

3.  Encourage others and bear one another’s burdens. Groups are the perfect environment to share prayer requests and encourage one another. 

4.  Personalize your Christian journey. Simply knowing the right answers does not lead to a transformed life. Groups are great for talking through important truths and applying them to your life.

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What is the vision of Community Life Groups?

To create a church environment where everyone is connected in their faith and supported towards their future.

What is the goal of Community Life Groups?

To offer an opportunity for every member of Citadel to move from crowd to community and get connected as they would in a smaller church. CLG discussions will also help people apply Bible lessons to their lives leading to spiritual growth and transformation. Our church will feel smaller and will eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

How old do I have to be to join a Community Life Group?

Groups are for those 18 and older.

Can I invite non-members to participate in my group?

Yes, non-members are welcome to sit in or join.

What if I don't like my Life Group? 

You should first talk to your group leader or you can request to switch groups.

Can I join the same group with my spouse?

Yes, spouses and family can join a group together or separately. However, we do request that each person to register individually.

Is there a cost to join?

No. However, if groups meet at a meeting place (i.e. - coffee shop) individuals are responsible for their own bill.

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